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Dreams to Reality

By Mark Addo

Most people have aspirations to achieve specific goals in their lives—be it career, health, financial, educational or family goals. Amongst individuals, goals may differ, and based on the type of goal, success may be defined differently.

At issue however, is that most people do not follow through and accomplish their goals. While some may encounter obstacles—physical barriers, lack of financial support, networks or connections— that prevent them from achieving their goals, others become comfortable in their current situation, telling themselves that they will eventually work toward their goals someday. Someday turns to weeks, months, years and, at times, a lifetime. Some people do not take the necessary steps to make their goals a reality and end up living a life of regret. You do not want to end up as the person who could have worked toward their goals but did not—regretting it afterwards.

My biggest fear had always been whether I lived up to my potential or failed to self-actualize. I have always had goals of being financially secure, having excellent health and becoming a lawyer. When I turned 30 years old and had none of these goals accomplished, I felt sorry for myself and thought I was failing in life. I weighed 250 pounds, my knees and joints were hurting, and I was in debt.

Fortunately, I had a groundbreaking idea that led me out of that path. I realized that everything I wanted to do, I did. If I wanted to eat pizza and not exercise, I did. If I wanted to spend frivolously, rather than have a set financial plan, I did. Anything that I sought to do, no one stopped me from doing it. This thought led me to see that the only thing preventing me from accomplishing my goals was myself. I could work towards losing weight by exercising and changing my eating habits. I could register for a Law School Admission Test course and improve my score and then apply to law school as I had already completed an undergraduate degree. I could work toward making my dreams a reality once I figured out a plan and worked toward my goal.

The path to accomplishing one’s goals is not easy. It is hard, but the reward of achieving your goal is invaluable. I stopped feeling sorry for myself, crafted a plan to accomplish my goals and worked to make my dreams a reality. Now, I weigh 225 pounds. I have changed my diet to plant-based foods and have gradually improved my health. I am also in my final year of law school. I have turned my dreams into reality, and you, too, can do the same.

We all have aspirations to accomplish something in life. We should not abandon our goals and settle for our current situation. You can achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality. It can start from small targets such as waking up in the morning, brushing your teeth, taking a shower and heading to work on time. It could also mean big hefty goals like buying a car, getting an apartment and being on your own, getting a university degree, buying a house, starting a business and acquiring some form of residual income. No matter the size of the goal or aspiration, it requires one to act! Without putting forth action to back our purpose, we will never see our goals manifest in life.  AspireToBe aims to provide content to motivate and encourage you to pursue your goals and dreams. Let’s Aspire to Be!

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