Speaker Series

Monthly Speaker Series will be hosted by Black leaders who will speak to students about their journey, experiences and other topics.

The Life of a Dreamer

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In this speaker series, author Yahaya Baruwa will share his story about where he started as an entrepreneur and how he got to where he is now. Yahaya will share important lessons he learned along his journey and conclude with a Q&A session where participants will have a chance to dive deeper with Yahaya. Yahaya Baruwa is the bestselling author of Struggles of a Dreamer: The Battle between a Dream and TraditionTunde: A Man of Lost Ambition and The Adventures of Ellie —the first, second and third novels of his inspirational trilogy. Born and raised in Kano, Nigeria, Yahaya immigrated to Canada at the age of twelve and established his publishing company, Tapestry House Publishing, at the age of 22.  After selling his first book door-to-door knocking on over 27,000 doors in Toronto, Yahaya went on to find success selling his books with Indigo-Chapters, Canada’s largest bookstore with almost 50,000 copies of his books sold. Through his accessible and inspirational novels about taking a chance on a dream against the odds, Yahaya’s mission is to inspire 100 million readers with the courage to take a chance on themselves to do what they are afraid to do in life, today — that they may be at peace with themselves, tomorrow.


Monthly workshops to help students build valuable skills and learn about different topics.

Time Management and Organization Strategies Workshop

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Tara is a dedicated educator who has a passion for helping students to be the best they can be. After obtaining her teacher certification in Ontario in 2005, she spent a few years teaching with the Durham District School Board before travelling abroad to work with students with special needs in Bermuda. Upon her return in 2010, Tara knew that she wanted to work with students who experience challenges in the classroom. With more than 15 years of tutoring under her belt, she started The Progressive center in 2014. Since establishing her tutoring agency, she has worked with more than 300 families in the Greater Toronto Area. Tara also currently works with a school board in Ontario teaching in an adult literacy program.

Tara’s workshop will teach time management and organizational strategies to help students be successful in the classroom. She will share resources that students can use to improve their skills in these areas.

Quick Chats - Coming Soon

Small groups of Black students can have conversations with Black professionals where students can hear first-hand about what it’s like to work in a variety of professions. The conversations are intended to peak students’ interest in careers, especially those they might otherwise not have considered.