Christopher Taiwo Deru

Name: Christopher Taiwo Deru

Education: Honours Bachelors Degree in Political science and French from University of Toronto (grad 2011)

Profession: Real estate sales consultant

Years of Experience: 3 in real estate sales, 12 years in sales in general

When you were a child, did you envision becoming what you are now?

Did I envision becoming a salesperson? No. I wanted to be a pro athlete and then a lawyer. 

Can you please tell us about your journey? When did you first think to yourself, “I made it”?

Can I please tell about the journey: 

I began sales at 19 at a Rogers Wireless store and did that for 3 years. I tried working an HR role for about 6 months at a company utilizing my bilingual skills, but that didn’t last long and I knew that I needed a more competitive incentive based environment to work in. The most integral part of my journey, I believe, was resigning from that HR role that I knew wasn’t the right fit and going back into another sales role. My next sales role was selling cars at Ford in Vaughan, ON. I worked very hard for very little money. I had faith though and invested in myself and decided to go into a career with no guaranteed income, but with potential to earn well with smart/hard work experience along with the opportunity for people to come to me (to buy a car) and network. And this switch paid dividends for me. I then endeavoured into selling business to business for a company called Progressive Waste Solutions. I got my real estate license during my 5 year stay at PWS and then made the leap into real estate full time in 2017. 

My journey has been fun and it has only just begun. I have not made it and I don’t think I’ll ever believe I’ve made it. Also, where’s it? 

Did you face any challenges on your journey to get where you are? Do you currently face any challenges?

Did I face any challenges: Of course! I failed too many times to list. I have challenges I’m going through right now, we all do. I’m still standing despite all I’ve faced and ironically I believe standing stronger and taller because of all of it. Behind the clouds there is sun, always. 

What skills do you believe a person needs to succeed in your profession?

It depends on what you define as succeeding. One way to define success in real estate sales is how many units you assist to sell or purchase. To do that, one must always be willing to listen and learn – listen 2x more than you speak. Real estate school will not be the place where you discover the formula for success in real estate sales. 

What advice would you give to others who aspire to be where you are?

Have faith and take steps every single day. Being an entrepreneur is a marathon. If they did it, you can too.

Can you please share one goal you achieved that you are extremely proud of?

I’ll share two goals I’m proud of – 1 business 1 personal.

  1. Business: Sold > $30 million worth of units in the GTA within my first 3 years as a full time real estate sales consultant. 
  2. Personal: Running 10km+. I’ve run at most approximately 16km without breaks, easily had 50km months, etc. No huge milestone, but mentally and personally, achieving my goals of becoming a better long distance runner have been huge in the self-belief department. I never thought I could run long distances, now I love it and use it as therapy. Achieving the things we see as impossible, to me, are the goals I’m most proud of.